Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Interesting article at CNN.

I could rant a lot, but what's the point. I did want to pull out a couple choice quotes:
"'I'm really not for abortion ... so it's kind of a fence-riding deal,' says Macormac, a brick mason who grew up in Wichita. 'But I feel he has a right to have a business and provide for his family and take care of his business the way he wants to take care of it. That's his right as being an American.'"
Imagine for a moment that drug gangs were legal. Also, they can do drive-bys on rival gangs (perhaps in a structured manner, like the arena in Car Wars).

Would Americans feel similarly? Is it different because its drugs? Different because they're adults? Different because we have to see it? Different because killing an adult (with sunk costs in food and education - and just starting the productive phase) has higher economic cost than killing infants (with all the sunk costs just starting)?
"'People got tired,' says Lorrie Donham, a middle school science teacher. 'The only way it really affected me was when I'd have to drive down Kellogg with my young daughters and have them be exposed to these grotesque, brutal images.'"
That is really insightful. Having what the pictures represent happen everyday was not upsetting. Having it called to mind was.
"Teresa Mora, a member of the congregation who identifies herself as pro-choice.

'It got to the point we had to set up partitions so children could exit family vehicles and go into church without having to be exposed to so much of that imagery.'"

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