Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Soup is a Lie

(apologies to cake lovers and Portal)

Ask any believer in evolution, and they will tell you about the all-powerful, holy, and mystical soup. Hundreds of millions of years ago, rocks gave forth soup, and the soup became you.

An interesting article from Science Daily:
"Despite bioenergetic and thermodynamic failings the 80-year-old concept of primordial soup remains central to mainstream thinking on the origin of life"
Don't worry, there is a new theory:
"geochemical gradients across a honeycomb of microscopic natural caverns at hydrothermal vents. These catalytic cells generated lipids, proteins and nucleotides which may have given rise to the first true cells... Early organisms likely exploited these gradients through a process called chemiosmosis" (emphasis added)

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