Saturday, February 6, 2010

Flying While Muslim

An interesting article at CNN:
"I've consistently faced 'random' selections for extra screening at the airport after I decided to wear the hijab, or Muslim head covering... One time, the woman in front of me had a hairdo that could pose more of a security threat than any head scarf could."
First some reactions to the text (theology to follow): the hijab does not select you for scrutiny in and of itself. It is a symbol of theology (oops, theology got mixed in!). It is an outward expression of a theology which calls for the death of unbelievers (whether or not an individual is loyal to that theology).
"Mike Gallagher said 'There should be a separate line to scrutinize anybody with the name Abdul or Ahmed or Mohammed.' Sorry Paula Abdul and Muhammad Ali, or anyone with the world's most common name, Muhammad."
I don't know Paula Abdul's background, but Muhammad Ali changed his name. He was expressing his theology (which was not truly Muslim, but Black Muslim - which is actually totally different, although also disturbing to society).

Of course, the airport screening areas are full of bad ideas. I doubt this one is going to help. Terrorists will just get tickets and ids with "John Smith"; they will get on the plane with a t-shirt and jeans. This is a free and open nation, we can't control these things.

But, imagine for a moment you wanted to design a system for world domination (everyone loves world domination, just ask Cobra Commander).

First you make it religious. Man is naturally religious. It will penetrate deep into the subconscious (especially if you mix in the right amount of legalism - which promotes self-righteousness). It will be propagated to children. It can win converts.

Second, you set up different modes of behavior.

Peaceful at first (when numbers are low). Encouraging conversation (doors for conversion) and "understanding" (tolerance). You target the poor, those in prison, the disadvantaged.

Then, when numbers are a significant minority, clamoring for equal (read: special) treatment. Appeals to rights and complaints against discrimination.

Finally, when numbers are sufficient, overthrow the local authorities and replace them with your own.

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