Sunday, February 28, 2010


I continue to be impressed by how un-Biblical thoughts always result in the exact opposite effects of Biblical ones.

This can be seen repeatedly in the Women's Liberation movement. Rather than empowering and helping women, the effects have been to demean and impoverish women.

We have seen this in free sex (for men), and (sex selection) abortion.

Now, Albert Mohler has an excellent analysis of no-fault divorce:
"Demanded by those who claimed that no-fault divorce would be more humane... no-fault divorce has allowed millions of men to abandon their families and leave their children and former wives to poverty. The statistics are clear enough — men who divorce their wives and no longer live with their children generally improve their standard of living over the next few years. The family left behind generally has the opposite experience, with children and former wives living at significantly reduced income levels."
God hates divorce. He hates it because it mars the image of Christ and the Church - which is what marriage is all about. He also hates it because it is inevitably unjust - allowing men to take advantage of women.

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