Thursday, December 11, 2014

How Should We Then Live

"How Should We Then Live" (Francis Schaeffer)(audio) - This book really surprised me.

First, the title made me think that it would be on orthopraxy (right living).  It is actually a short survey of history from the Fall of Rome to "modern" day (1976).

Second, Schaeffer always struck me as somewhat liberal.  But his analysis is strictly orthodox.

Third, I was surprised how succinct he was, and how accurately he could sense the flow of the spirit of the age (and predict what would come over the next 38 years).

This is a book I will need to go over again...

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

What it would take to end Climate Change

A report from Google, which confirms what I've said for some time - that even going to zero carbon emissions today will not prevent climate change (as projected by mainstream science).

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Doctrine and Politics

I often hear that Catholics have unity, while Protestants are divided (the old forty thousand denominations canard).

However, I always reply that Catholic unity is outward (ritual and authority structure), while conservative Protestants find unity in doctrine.

A new survey confirms what I have said.

Note the split between "Mainline" (aka Liberal, lower right) Protestants and "Evangelical" (conservative, upper right).  We also see that Catholics are not identified with any political ideology (they are disparate in their application of doctrine to practice).

It's interesting that "Other" tend toward the lower left (except for Muslims, Hindus, and Jews).

It's as I have said - conservative Christians tend toward conservative politics.