Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Some say that dispensationalism is "pessimistic" eschatology (as opposed to postmillenialism, which is optimistic).

I think the charge is largely true. Dispys see no promise from God that things are going to get better (not that they can't get better).

The important thing is, which is true? That is something I will need to go into more depth for.

Albert Mohler (a dispy like me) has several posts pertaining to the ARIS poll. I commented on one. There was a second (on March 27), which I did not comment on. Now, there is a third.

It is interesting to contrast the outlook of dispy's (Mohler and myself) with those of post-mils (like Doug Wilson at Blog and Mablog).

To the dispy, whatever happens is business as usual. We have no expectation that the Church will improve society - in fact, we expect the Church and society to be at odds (if the Church is doing its job correctly).

The post-mil is more vocal (my favorite Wilson quote on why post-Christian Europe has not devolved yet is, "the prodigal son didn't run out of money right away").

But how is a post-mil not depressed by this turn events? After struggling for 1500 years to expand around the world, and 200 years to separate Church and State (in the proper way, where the State acknowledges equal rights come from our equality before our Creator) - now to see the nation backsliding.

I don't get it.

My hope is not in the progress of the Church against the world. Like Mohler:
"Still, I hope I did not reflect too much gloom in my analysis. This much I know -- Jesus Christ is Lord, and His kingdom is forever. Our proper Christian response to this new challenge is not gloom, but concern. And our first concern must be to see that the Gospel is preached as Good News to the perishing -- including all those in post-Christian America."
Our hope is in Jesus, and His return.

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