Friday, April 10, 2009

America and Islam

Albert Mohler, as ever, has some insightful analysis of President Obama's speech to Muslims.

But, I am most interested in the theology, particularly post-millenialism and what it means to be a "Christian nation".

Can any nation be "Christian"?

A person is a Christian, when he admits he is a sinner (deserving of God's wrath), turns from a life of sin, and trusts in Jesus to have paid the price for sin. At that point, he is an adopted child of God.

Can a nation repent and trust? Does God adopt a constitution or set of human laws?

Is a nation whose majority population is Christian, then Christian? Was Rome, or any Roman city, before Constantine?

Does a Christian nation need to "turn the other cheek" when attacked, to "do good to those who oppress you", to "give without expectation of repayment"?

How would any such nation survive aggression?

I don't believe a nation can be Christian (Christian-based, yes). But nations can be Muslim, as Mohler says...

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