Sunday, April 26, 2009


Meh-wuj. Meh-wuj is whut bwings us togethah, today.

Marriage is a confusing concept for people today. Even most Christians have little understanding of what the Bible says about marriage, and being a husband or wife.

It should come as no surprise that marriage in the world is a train wreck.
"People planning to get married should think about not only how their partners support what they hope to achieve but also about how their partners support what they feel obligated to accomplish," Molden said. "We could end up with both happier marriages and more satisfied people in general."
I'll make a prediction. As long as sinful people are getting married, married people are not going to be happy or satisfied.

Our happiness cannot be dependent on our spouse, we must look to satisfaction from God for our happiness (technically, "joy" - guaranteed happiness in the world is unachievable).

Also, we cannot approach marriage as "what can I get". The Biblical approach to marriage is based on submission, service, and putting the needs of the other above ourselves.

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