Thursday, January 14, 2010

Gay Marriage

It's been over a year since I last addressed the topic of gay marriage.

My opinion hasn't changed, but I had to address this article from CNN...

It starts with a commentary on the state of "normal" marriage, and I agree totally. Anyone who wants to defend marriage needs to go back and address no-fault divorce and related issues. Marriage is a joke in our society. I'm not really sure what homosexuals see in it...

It follows with an appeal for access to some "1100 rights". There is no reason these rights should be attached to marriage. Civil unions should be fine for everyone (get the government out of "marriage" entirely). Problem solved.

My main disagreement:
"And don't tell me that civil unions are exactly the same as marriage. If that's true, then let's let gays and lesbians pick first. If they pick marriage, and heterosexuals are relegated to civil unions, no problem, right, since they are exactly the same?"
I'm really curious, what is the difference? From the point of view of the State, not God.

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