Friday, January 29, 2010

The Shack

I haven't read "The Shack", so I can't say too much. However, Albert Mohler has read it, and he has lots to say.
"the Christian church has explicitly identified these teachings as just that — heresy"
Mohler identifies several serious problems, including:
  1. Portrayal of the Trinity
  2. Universalism
I have seen some people say, "It's just fiction". True, it is fiction - but everything is shaped by theology, and can shape one's theology.

That this book has been shaped by bad theology, no one denies. The group surrounding the author support this theology. This is not an honest mistake, a misinterpretation of a creative vision. This is faithful to what the author believes.

And this could cause a weaker brother to stumble. It is a mature Christian's responsibility to not promote this sort of thing.

This is the reason I often prefer secular (even atheist) fiction and entertainment - compared to bad Evangelical stuff. At least I know the theology is going to be a train wreck going in, and am on constant defense. With Evangelical stuff, I have to run everything through a doctrine checker before I can enjoy it.

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