Monday, October 20, 2008

Gay Marriage

It actually bugs me when people connect gay marriage and abortion as "Christian issues". Al Mohler does an excellent job of keeping them separate, but he has taken to a whole series of posts on it...

Abortion is an issue of our right to life. The Constitution, as currently interpreted, has no provision for a right to life. This should be disturbing to anyone who might find themselves "unwanted" by those in power (where are the tinfoil hats?).

Gay marriage is actually a silly idea. As Pastor Wilson points out, defining marriage as between any two people just makes bisexuals feel left out. I'm not sure if Wilson realizes that polygamy and "group marriage" are probably right on the heels of these decisions...

Far more damage has been done to traditional marriage by "no fault" divorce, and Hollywood relationships.

Furthermore, there is no logical reason that our government should care who is married to whom. Christians can be married, and define marriage Biblically, regardless of what society is doing. Society is sinful and worldly, we should expect them to do these sorts of things.

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