Thursday, January 28, 2010


France is just weird. What is up with them?

Going around half-naked? No problem. But if you want to cover up, expect the police to come after you!

Well, not quite:
"Such a resolution, if passed, would not make the wearing of a full veil or burqa illegal, but it would give public officials support when asking people to remove it."
Some choice quotes:
"Sarkozy said the issue is one of a woman's freedom and dignity, and did not have to do with religion."
That one's hilarious. How do you even define freedom and dignity without theology?
The women say it best:
"She said she believes a law against full veils would take away fundamental rights of Muslim women."
Where is the freedom to wear what you please? Where is the right to not be ogled by every passing male?
"That's despite government estimates that less than 2,000 women in the country actually wear the full Islamic veil."

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