Thursday, March 26, 2009

Texas Heretics Undermine Faith

in Evolution!

An interesting article from Science Daily.
"Among the concerns, the scientists say, is an amendment to the biology standards that attacks one of evolution's key principles: that all living organisms on Earth are descended from a common ancestor."
The idea of "common descent" is unfalsifiable (it is/would be history - history is not repeatable or observable). It is truly "dogma".
"Downplaying evolution's place in science 'only serves to confuse students,' the scientists say in their letter to the board."
This sounds like a proclamation against heretics - "they will jeopardize the salvation of those weak in the faith".

If evolution is obvious, and true; then there is nothing to fear. No attack can overcome the truth.

I am reminded by the D.M.S. Watson quote:
"The theory of evolution (is) a theory universally accepted not because it can be proved by logically coherent evidence to be true but because the only alternative, special creation, is clearly incredible"
Some might say, "this quote is 80 years old". True, since then no easier to believe natural alternative to evolution has been proposed. Many of the "proofs" of evolution have been revealed to be hoaxes. Studies have shown that morphology (vital to analysis of extinct animals) has no correlation to actual genetic code.

Flood geology had no textbook until the 70's.

Evolution has gotten harder to believe, while the alternative gets stronger.

As I have said before, atheism needs evolution. As Christians, we are free to reject it or accept it. I say, reject it. It is junk science, and it makes for bad theology.

I will close with a quote that deserves additional unpacking:
"Moreover, 'fact' does not mean 'absolute certainty.' The final proof of logic and mathematics flow deductively from stated premises and achieve certainty because they are not about the empirical world. Evolutionists make no claim for perpetual truth, though creationists often do (and then attack us for a style of argument that they themselves favor). In science, 'fact' can only mean 'confirmed to such a degree that it would be perverse to withhold provisional assent.'" (Stephen J. Gould, "Hen's Teeth and Horses Toes")
Modernity began when man rejected the absolute truth of God, seeking to replace it with absolute truth without God (especially miracles like special creation).

The failure of modernity has given us post-modernism - where there is no absolute truth.

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