Thursday, March 19, 2009

Lapsed Catholics

Ignatius Insight has a link to an interesting article. It is sad to see the "seeker sensitive" approach invading the Catholic church (although, it has invaded Islam [citation needed] :), so I shouldn't be surprised)...

The choice bits:
"We have to use tools that respond to the criterion that most people, de facto, use for religion today (whether we like it or not) -- experience."... "'This is what I (want to) feel or think.'"
A lot of ways to go... the most important is that our feelings and thoughts are almost always sinful and broken (rebellious). Coddling people's feeling and sinful thoughts isn't Biblical, and is only going to produce false converts (I know from experience).

Biblical conversion comes from brokenness (Jesus says we must "hunger" and "thirst" for the kingdom). The "door" is "low" and "narrow" (you enter on your knees). The audience at Pentecost was "pricked in their heart".

Preach sin and wrath. Yes, it is not popular. Some people will walk out. Some will call you hateful, intolerant, unloving.

But you will produce genuine repentance.