Monday, October 1, 2007

Atheism Demands Evolution

Thinking about young earth and old earth, creationism and evolutionism.

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Modern atheism demands evolution, and evolution demands an old earth. Most forms of ancient atheism relied on the notion of creation always existing. Physicists have tried pretty hard to make that work, but have (mostly) abandoned it, because there is just no way to make it work (please don't start me up on string theory).

Ben Sonder's book ("Evolutionism and Creationism") mentions on page 40:
"If he [George McCready Price - author of Outlines of Modern Christianity and Modern Science] could prove that [sic] modern assumptions about geology wrong, then evolutionary theory would collapse."

This sentence is flagged as "Ronald L. Numbers, The Creationists, New York 1992, page 76". [This book is in the central library near me, so I will check it out.]

Is this not true? Sonder does not offer his opinion. He mentions that mainstream scientists ignore the work of creationists (when not deriding it in public statements...). If the assumptions of uniformitarians are incorrect, if the world is not billions of years old, can evolution be possible?

Are there young earth evolutionists?

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GCT said...

"Modern atheism demands evolution, and evolution demands an old earth."

No, that is imprecise. Atheism does not "demand" evolution. Atheism accepts evolution because it is the best scientific/rational explanation for the diversity of life on this planet. I did not decide to be an atheist and then go searching for philosophy/science/etc. to fill in the blanks. In fact, I started out as a Xian, as do most atheists in this country, and it was through the application of facts and reason that we accepted atheism as the better explanation. This is the exact opposite of how Creationism works. Creationism starts with the assumption that the Bible is true, then shoehorns the world around it.