Wednesday, February 4, 2009

All Religions are the Same


Of course, it depends on what you mean by "religion". If you mean theology, then - of course not...

For example, Muslims believe God has no Son. Christianity hinges on Jesus Christ - God's Son.

Religion is "man's attempt to satisfy his notion of God". In this sense, all religion is works righteousness - "what can I do?"

In this sense, Biblical Christianity is not a religion. It is all grace (receiving an undeserved good).


braverdave said...

Howdy Ned ... long time no see.

True or false. Or both.

Maybe all religions are the same but different.

I agree that religion, for the most part, seems to be fixated on what we do or don't do.

On a forum on entirely unrelated matters (a forum about dogs) the subject of smoking and trying to quit smoking came up on the off-topic message board. Another forum member (based on his location and views on smoking and drinking I would bet{if I were a betting man} he is a Mormon) mentioned the programs his church had for members struggling with vices such as smoking and drinking. Some of what he had to say in the follow-up comments and the responses of the other member (probably a Protestant of some stripe), who was trying to quit smoking, seemed to equate salvation with something that they do or something that they don't do.

I reminded them, gently I hope, that our salvation has nothing to do with what we do or don't but rather our salavtion is a gift from God.

No response from the alleged Mormon. Positive and happy response from alleged Protestant. And of course little smug satisfaction on my part for heading them both off at the pass.

And in this sense I can even agree with your statement that Christianity (with the Biblical {whatever that means} caveat) might not, in some cases (my caveat), be a religion.

But if we can both agree that it is an undeserved gift, presumably for all people, then we might also agree that everyone is saved?

nedbrek said...

Hi braverdave!

I would agree that salvation is available/offered to all (1 Tim 2:4).

However, not everyone accepts this offer (else there would be none who are thrown into the lake of fire - Rev 20:15).

You might say it is because they have hardened their hearts against God, or God has denied them special grace - but those are questions of mechanics.

braverdave said...

If it comes down to accepting the gift then isn't that act of accepting something we do?

Ah yes, the lake of fire, also called the second death. It's interesting, to me at least that Rev 20 mentions that the Devil, the beast and the false prophet are tormented forever in the lake of fire yet the dead whose names are not found in the scroll of life are sent to the lake of fire, along with death and Hades/Hell, yet there is no mention of the dead being tortured there forever.

nedbrek said...

As a supralapsarian, I can say that even the ability to accept the gift, is itself, a gift! :) But, I think a case can be made for Amyraldism (but not a strong case).

"there is no mention of the dead being tortured there forever"

Are you advocating annihilationism?