Thursday, November 27, 2008

I am not a Hyper Calvinist


Over at Pyromaniacs, Phil Johnson is having some trouble with Arminians using his words to call solid brothers "Hyper-Calvinists" (HC). Phil provides a link to his original article. While reading that, I found his excellent article on "supralapsarianism".

I had heard of supralapsarianism before, but never really understood what it is. The third article has an excellent chart showing the continuity between supralapsarianism and Arminianism.

I am a supralapsarian. (All hyper-Calvinists are supralapsarian, but not vice-versa).

Phil argues the key to hyper-Calvinism is the subversion of the Gospel (isn't that always the case with heresy, and HC is heresy). The HC does not preach the whole Gospel, because he does not believe it will have any effect.

To sum up, supralapsarianism and infralapsarianism (both versions of standard Calvinism) are minor disagreements about the order of operations during the eternity before creation. These issues are minor, below the teaching doctrines of a local church.

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