Monday, February 23, 2009

The Resurrection

Pastor made a good point several Sundays ago. We need to be more thoughtful in including the fact of the Resurrection in our witnessing.

There is a point made in the "Two Ways to Live" audio. Christians are often divided about use the resurrection as a kind of "silver bullet". I myself am skeptical that a carnal man will understand or care about the resurrection. He rejects all miracles, what does this particular one have to do with him?

But it is shown repeatedly in the Bible, that the fact of the resurrection is simply stated (Acts 2:32, Acts 3:15, Acts 4:2/10 [Peter to the Jews], Acts 5:30 [all the Apostles to the Jews], Acts 10:40 [Peter to Cornelius], Acts 13:37 [Paul to the Jews of Antioch], Acts 17:3 [Paul to the Jews of Thessalonica]).

In none of these cases was the fact of the miracle used as proof or argument. It is simply stated. I think there is almost a logical or legal appeal happening. "God raised Him from the dead - showing that He did not deserve to die - death had no hold on Him - He has defeated death".

I am going to continue working on this. The resurrection needs to be proclaimed, and in a way which can have effect on people today (even if only to make them think about rejecting it). Not easy in a world that rejects miracles...

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