Friday, January 9, 2009

Osteen, Recession, and the Gospel

I won't spend too much time on this, because most everything that needs to be said has been said...

That said, it is interesting how much good press the Osteens get from mainstream media, and their continuing failure to preach the Gospel (which probably correlates...):

This time at CNN, an interview with Victoria. Interviewer:
"Your first book was released in October. Why did you write it? Who were you hoping to inspire?"
Now, I haven't read Victoria's book. But she is supposed to be a Christian, a preacher's wife. So, I would hope the book would be about why we should be Christian. You know, the Gospel - the Good News about forgiveness of sin, and being right with God...

"Relationships are people's No. 1 priorities."
That's right! Our relationship with God! Go for it, give the Gospel!

"I addressed a lot of those issues, and just gave practical advice from my life and people I've talked to. So I just hoped to inspire people to just realize their influence, their value, and the fact that they can get even more out of their relationships and enjoy them."

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