Monday, December 22, 2008

What Is Truth

I have been reading through the Gospel of John, and I am noticing heavy use of the word "truth".

The Greek word is αληθεια (aletheia), the noun for truth. The other Greek word sometimes translated "truth" is the adverb form (translated "of a truth" or "truly").

Aletheia is used once by Matthew, three times in Mark, and twice by Luke (the adverb forms are 1,0,3 respectively).

John uses it twenty-five times in twenty-two verses! (He uses the adverb form twice.)

It is clear this is a word John likes. In his short epistles:
  • 2 John (13 verses total) - 5 times in 4 verses
  • 3 John (14 verses total) - 6 times in 5 verses
Also, it is not used at all in the Revelation to John.

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