Saturday, January 10, 2009

Gospel In Four

Today I had the distinct pleasure of attending the wedding of a brother and sister in Christ.

This is the first wedding I've been to as a Christian.

It was also the first with a clear Gospel message.

The message was spelled out in four parts:
  1. Creation - God is the Creator of the everything. As such, He owns us and makes the rules for us. It is our rebellion against God (sin) which has broken this creation, and caused all the problems in the world (including male and female rivalry).
  2. Jesus - God became a man - the Man, Jesus Christ. Jesus lived a life of perfect obedience to God's rules, and paid the price for our disobedience (with His death). God showed Him to be innocent by raising Him from the dead.
  3. Us - The question before us, then, is "What are you going to do?" Will you turn from sin, and turn towards God? Trust that Jesus has paid the price for your sin, and obey God (as spelled out in the Bible).
  4. Eternity - Your response to that question will determine your eternal state - eternity with God, or in punishment (Hell).
(Note, I am rebuilding the detail for the points from general Gospel theory - I remember the four points as given, but didn't have my notebook for the finer details :)

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