Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Western Secularism vs. Islam

We live in a post-Christian world.

It is unclear what system of thought will dominate in the future.  Secularism has been dominant (effectively, an atheistic form of Christianity - seeking Christian principles without Christ.  This can be traced to the progression of Christian Liberalism).  However, we are now dealing with a resurgence of Islam (which once threatened to destroy the West).

Secularism is completely unprepared for the onslaught of Islam.  This can be seen in a recent article on CNN.

For the secularist, all religion is the same.

For example:
"almost every faith, from Christianity to Judaism to Hinduism to Buddhism, has produced acts of terrorism."
This is a common error.  People are violent, and people are religious.  This leads to the shallow conclusion that all religions make people violent.  However, we must examine religious systems of thought, and see if violence is consistent or inconsistent with that system.

When Medieval Catholics murdered preachers of the Gospel, that is not an indemnification of Christ - it is revelation that Catholics were not longer followers of Christ.

But, when Muslims act like Mohammed (who was a war leader), which is a central teaching of Islam (that Mohammed is the best role model for humanity) - then why are we surprised?  If there are Muslims who say this should not be done - are they being true to what Mohammed did?

The article goes on to say that Islam needs a Reformation (parallel to the Protestant Reformation).

The problem is that while the Protestant Reformation was a return to Biblical principles, and a rejection of man's traditions - Islamic fundamentalism is a return to Koranic principles, and rejection of "impurities" (Western thought).  There is no mechanism with the Koran or hadith for overturning basic teachings of Mohammed, or who he was.

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