Sunday, November 22, 2009

Mary and Byzantine

Insightful article from Ignatius Insight.

I must apologize, because I like to always say something good on a topic, before offering criticism (for example "On Pietism"/"Against Pietism"). That post will have to wait...

Some tidbits:
"The Mariological experience and piety of the Byzantine Churches—Catholic and Orthodox—seem to be embodied almost entirely in their worship. But we find no prominent theological reflection on the subject"
"In the East, knowledge of God is not the result of logical arguments presented by theology."
This second quote really captures a lot.

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TheDen said...

I think the reason for lack of deep thought in the Byzantine world is that since the time of the Roman empire, the Byzantines have all been Christian and have had few heresies/schisms. Without that, there would be little need for "thinking things through."

Western Europe has had many more heresies that had to be defended against which would result in more thought and defense.