Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Dawkins

"If this 'Dawkins' exists, I demand he show himself to me!" - Way of the Master Radio
Among the new atheists, one of the most amusing is Professor Richard Dawkins. He is constantly seeking media attention, and finding it.

The latest is at CNN.

Some choice selections:
"It's an undeniable fact that to own up to being an atheist is tantamount to introducing yourself as Mr. Hitler or Miss Beelzebub"
This is probably a reference to the public perception that atheists are "evil" (although, what does "evil" even mean to someone who denies there is the ultimate good).

The public perception is wrong.

An atheist is not really any more likely to be evil than anybody else.

However, an atheist has no good reason to justify his behavior. To be good or evil is the same, in his worldview.

"Since we are talking about practical ways, the obvious example is stem cell research."
Yea, don't even go there Professor. You're a biologist, you should know better (I can excuse your terrible theology).
"But there is a more pernicious and pervasive influence, which is an active shutting down of the critical faculties."
Hmm, Romans 1:28?

"Religion teaches us to be satisfied with non-explanations, and this is viciously corrosive of science and of the life of the mind generally."
That's really the best one. I enjoy science because I want to know how God is revealing Himself in nature. Also, I want to be able to explain all my positions based on careful study of God's Word.

But the evolutionist? He "explains" everything with "evolution did it".
  • Why do we have no hair on our bodies? - natural selection
  • Why do we have hair on our heads? - natural selection
  • Why are their more right handed people than left? - natural selection
  • Why are men more likely to be polygamous than women? - natural selection
  • Oops, our latest study shows they are pretty much the same? - natural selection
What traits does natural selection select for? Whatever makes an organism less likely to be selected.

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