Friday, November 21, 2008

Orthodox Study Bible

The Orthodox Study Bible is the first book I have received through the Thomas Nelson review program.

The book is quite beautiful. It is over 1800 pages - each page is very thin (which can add a sense of 'reverent patience required' when turning pages!). The Old Testament is a one of a kind translation of the Septuagint (LXX, Greek Old Testament). The New Testament is standard New King James (NKJV).

I won't comment on the Biblical text, the opportunity to read an English translation of LXX might be a selling point in itself. The advantages and disadvantages of NKJV are fairly well understood.

The Biblical text is two columns, and very easy to read. The pages are packed with information, as the study notes are often one-third or, even, one-half(!) of the page (notes are single column). There isn't a lot of room for notes in the margin, but the line spacing should be enough for under liners (I don't like writing in books, especially not Bibles :).

The notes are reflective of Orthodox (captial 'O') tradition. As a Protestant, I don't agree with everything, but it is good to see the defense of their doctrines. It's also interesting to note the differences with Roman Catholicism (which I am more familiar with). I can certainly see the draw for Evangelicals (tired of the silliness in many megachurches) exploring an older tradition. For those Evangelicals, I will be making note of differences in Orthodox doctrine from classic Reformed theology.

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