Friday, October 3, 2008

Book Review

"Why I am So Wise" (Friedrich Nietzsche) - I'm struggling to find a word to describe Nietzsche. "Greatest" atheist? "Most devout" atheist? I like what Ravi Zacharias says, Nietzsche followed atheism to its logical conclusion - he died alone and insane.

I was hoping for a short book that would provide talking points for Nietzsche's atheism. He is not comparable to today's "new atheists", who want Christian values (equality, freedom, etc.).

Sadly, this book is not it. It is more of musings on his other writings, and provides little insight into his philosophy.

I did manage to extract some interesting things:
page 21:
"If I wage war on Christianity I have a right to do so, because I have never experienced anything disagreeable or frustrating from that direction"
This, after describing his father as "a preacher in his last years". Interesting.

It's clear Nietzsche never heard the Gospel. This is clear from page 80:
"The most general formula at the basis of every religion and morality is: 'Do this and this, refrain from this and this - and you will be happy! Otherwise ...'"
The Gospel (Good News) is that God has made the way for us to be right with Him. There is Bad News (TM), that we have broken God's Law (think, the Ten Commandments). We are rebels and criminals, and God must uphold justice.

We are commanded to turn from our rebellion (sin), and to trust God. Then, our crimes (sins) are attributed to Jesus (who has paid the price, by dying on the cross). And Jesus' perfect life (attested to by the resurrection) is attributed to us.

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