Sunday, October 7, 2007

The Motives of the Evolutionist (part 2)

The last post ended up being on the motives of some creationists and most of the ID crowd. Sonder spends surprisingly little time pondering the motives of evolutionists, but there are some juicy quotes (page 12-13):
"In fact, Darwin himself stated that his main goal in writing On the Origin of the Species was 'to overthrow the dogma of separate creations.'"
And the top of page 12:
"It would take a few generations before scientists could offer any proof for some aspects of Darwin's theories."
Darwin certainly accomplished his goal. The question is, did his goal affect his process? What happened to collecting data and fitting theories to it? This topic is actually covered some in the book The Creationists heavily cited by Sonder.

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GCT said...

Oh come off it. If Darwin hadn't published then Wallace (or someone else) would have. This wasn't something that came out of the blue from Darwin, but something that science was building towards for years. Don't try to act like Darwin's theory was solely based on some "gotcha" quote.