Thursday, May 10, 2007

Examining Republicans for 2008

I am going to document my thought processes for choosing a candidate for 2008. (I actually had a lot of stuff written down on paper for 2004, wish I had a blog back then :)

For me, 2004 was a critical presidential election. Call me a single issue voter, but I see the biggest impact the president can have right now is selecting supreme court justices. Let's face it, both parties are going to make government bigger and pass lots of crazy, restrictive laws. You just get some different flavors.

We've seen the results. Two new justices, and some change in the direction of Roe v. Wade. I had hoped to see some more decisive action, but any progress is good news at this point.

Looking to 2008, Stevens (age 87) is not going to last long. It is probable that Ginsburg (74) may retire before 2012 (especially if a Democratic president can replace her). So, given the slackful progress of the current court (only two signing on against RvW), another pro-life Republican president is needed.

This will form a limiting criteria as I examine the candidates for 2008. I am not eligible to vote in the Democratic primaries, but I will probably do some analysis of them too.

Let's start with the big three:
  1. John McCain is looking pretty good. He says the right things about pro-life and smaller government. But his track history is a lot more colorful. He also sounds a lot less confident on the differences between embryonic stem cells and adult stem cells than I would like.
  2. Mitt Romney. A lot of people make a big deal that he is Mormon. I assume he is a cultural Mormon, which is not a problem for me. If he actually understands Mormon theology and is still a Mormon, I question his judgment. That said, he has said odd things about abortion. I accept his statement that he is now pro-life, although there is the possibility it is a political decision. He seems like a competent business administrator.
  3. Rudy Giuliani. I don't feel he is dedicated enough to the pro-life cause to push through supreme court nominees who will overturn RvW. With the definite possibility of a Democrat-run Congress, it will be far too easy for him to cave.
So, of the big three, I am not really satisfied. I will look into the second tier more in another post.

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