Sunday, May 20, 2007


What's up with the code? Am I implying God is a big programmer in the sky? That we can get through life by following a program, or set of rules?


I am simply making an analogy. And making some points using (somewhat more) precise language. I find English to be a typical ad hoc standard (i.e. terrible, but everyone uses it :)

So, like any analogy it will be good for making some points, but it will break down in points.

Ok, more code.

So why is it Mormons are not Christians? And why can't we all get to heaven through religions with different gods?

From last post we had:

void Person::repentAndTrust(Jesus*);

The problem is Satan has injected some bad code (probably through a buffer overrun :). Let's see:

lucifer ~ cat >> selfrighteous.h
void Person::repentAndTrust(void*)
lucifer ~ cl selfrighteous.cpp

Look at him! Using cat to program! And somehow running Microsoft Visual C++ on a UNIX box! This was before he had his account revoked (Luke 10:18).

So what difference does this make? (note, this really will compile, it is a valid overloading) . It means you can put your faith (repentAndTrust) in anything. Unfortunately, without the right Jesus* you get a no-op function... So, let's look at some more code:

class Mormon : public WorksRighteous
class Jesus;

See, the Mormons have a Jesus too. Problem is, it's not the real one. So repentAndTrust(Mormon::Jesus*) will resolve to the void* function. You can go on and on like this:

// I've had people tell me we'll be able to evolve our
// way out of any problem
repentAndTrust(&evolution); // yea, even entropy

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