Sunday, April 22, 2007

Movie Review

"An Inconvenient Truth" (2006) a documentary with Al Gore. This movie provides an excellent view into the motivations of Al Gore. It is quite sad.

Al Gore is a "true believer" in global warming. He wants desperately to make a difference on this issue, and has had little traction. He sees people as basically good, and able to make logical decisions when provided with sufficient evidence. He also believes there is a coming disaster which can be prevented.

Al makes several mistakes, one of which leads into a topic which I have been wanting to post about for some time. The short version is that the problem is not that people need to be convinced of a disaster; the problem is sin. More later.

The other problem is the assumption of a uniformitarian world view, and an assumption that global warming is bad. I'll leave uniformitarianism for another day. I think global warming has the potential to be a net benefit, but I haven't run the numbers to be sure. Icebergs are beautiful, but they have no major values in and of themselves. Even losing the global currents may be a good thing. This is leading back to the uniformitarian viewpoint, so I'll stop there.

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