Sunday, April 29, 2007

Book Review

"Understanding the Purpose and Power of Prayer" (Myles Munroe). I first heard Myles Munroe speak during my time of false conversion. At the time, he seemed an excellent teacher. Since that time, I have not had a chance to reread his work.

How would Dr. Munroe's teaching sit with my new life?

Overall, I found the book to be reasonably solid. It is a little "word-faith-y". Page 93 has "Just as God created His world with His words, so you create your world with your words." Ok, that probably makes it a lot word-faithy, but I am going to cut Dr. Munroe some slack. If we remap this to say "keep a positive outlook", it is not the Gospel, but it is not wrong to say. I'll probably do a full word-faith study later...

Other than that, I found the points helpful and the Bible quotes matching their contexts very well.

An interesting thought I am having is that Charismatics tend to focus more on OT promises, while more fundamental groups concentrate more on NT teachings. This is also something I need to examine.

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