Saturday, February 26, 2011

JP2 on Evil

Some good points from John Paul II:
"Evil always exists in what is good."
This is awkwardly stated, a better phraseology would be (borrowing from C. S. Lewis) - "evil is a twisting or rejection of what is good". That is: good can exist in a vacuum, evil cannot. There is no "being evil for evil's sake" (despite the villains on Captain Planet). He says this later:
"Evil thus is not a thing but the lack of a good in a being in which what is lacking should be present."

"Suffering normally, however, is a sign that something is wrong in a real world."
That's precisely what I said in "The Problem of Evil".

It is interesting how Arminian he was:
"The possibility of evil is contingent on the possibility of freedom and love."
"Those who refuse the gift of grace, however many there be, are left with their choice. God cannot take that away from them. This is the limit of the divine mercy."
I thank God that He overrode my choice to reject Him! That He chose me, even when I was His enemy (Col 1:21).

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