Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Creation as Jazz

Biologos seems to have (at least) three main categories:
  1. Repeat "Evolution is true" mantra
  2. Belittle the Bible
  3. Poetry and art (proclaiming how beautiful the deist god is)
An example of the third is the recent post "Creation and Jazz Music".

It really speaks for itself:
"If God has shaped the world as it was from the beginning, the universe seems reduced to a mere puppet stage where God the Puppet Master pulls all the strings."
That's the treatment of the sovereign God of the Bible.
"Instead, God in his wisdom has provided a system in which creatures can make themselves." (emphasis added)
The important point in the creation debate is: "The creator makes the rules". If God created us, we are subject to His rules. If random chance creates us (or we create ourselves) - we are not subject to God's rules.

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