Saturday, July 3, 2010


A chilling story from Albert Mohler:
"Abortion, which she [Antonia Senior] acknowledges is the killing of a human life, is defined as 'a lesser evil' than the curtailing of abortion rights in the name of liberating women."
I won't repeat the story here (I encourage you to read it at Mohler's site, if you can stomach it), I am interested in the theology of the thing.

I am reminded of the recent story on ultrasound. This great technology has allowed many to literally see that the unborn child really is a child. However, it is not sufficient to turn the tide against abortion (indeed, it is now used for sex selection abortion).

In this story, we hear about how much one's views can be changed by becoming a parent. But not enough to turn from the idol of abortion.

The statement that struck me the most is:
"If you are willing to die for a cause, you must be prepared to kill for it, too"
An odd phraseology, which I can't recall having been put forward as a serious argument before (it does make a nice catch phrase for Duke Nuke'm).

Of course, the underlying feeling many would agree with: the ultimate test of one's values is what you will kill for. In our society, we kill those who are threats - through war or the death penalty (police shooting armed suspects, etc.). To some extent this is necessary, lest society be overrun by barbarians.

But, as Christians (and I think this is a key problem for postmillenials), our ultimate values lie in heaven. We are perfectly capable of having things worth dying for - and not worth killing for (Matthew 10:28).

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