Sunday, June 13, 2010

Take America Back

As we approach the elections, the rhetoric is going be be cranked up pretty rapidly. A thought-provoking article from Doug Wilson:
"Once we have taken America back from those guys [liberals and progressives], what do we do with it?"
This is an excellent point (one Wilson makes fairly often). Conservatives understand that the country is moving in the wrong direction, too fast. But, when they are in power, what do they do? Move in the same (or a similar) direction a little more slowly.

I feel like quoting the whole thing, it is really worth reading:
"The assumption is that the underlying America is just fine the way it is unless some progressive has been messing with it. We need to 'save America,' the thinking goes, and so the language of salvation is used all the time. But in our heart of hearts, we are saving an innocent kidnapping victim, and not a skid row bum who became a drunk because of his own stupid choices."
"America gets to be saved without repentance"
"Any attempts to take America back without an explicit call for America to become (again) a Christian nation is an exercise in futility"
"our people as a whole -- must confess that Jesus is Lord"
Now the interesting thing here is that I both agree and disagree with Wilson on these very points.

We must proclaim to all Americans that they must confess Jesus is Lord.

But, Wilson expects that such a proclamation will actually make America a Christian nation (post-millenialism). From my point of view, such a thing will never happen. We must proclaim it, so that our nation's sin will be revealed - the refusal to obey.

Could God surprise us with another great revival? Possibly. But I don't believe America was ever a truly Christian nation (Christian derived or inspired, certainly).

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