Monday, May 10, 2010

Is Technology Evil?

I like technology. I grew up reading Golden Age Science Fiction. Stories of a future where technology and knowledge are our salvation (yes, there is soteriology in there).

When it came time to work, I wanted to do everything related to computers. I snarfed up everything technology related.

But, now that I am a Christian, I must examine everything Biblically.

There is an interesting account of the fate of Cain (and his descendants) in Genesis 4.
  1. Cain was a farmer (Seth kept sheep, which is a pretty simple task)
  2. Cain built the first city
  3. Jabal started keeping cattle
  4. Jubal started playing the harp and organ
  5. Tubalcain started working in bronze and iron
No innovations are credited to the sons of Seth.

Numbers 3 and 4 are interesting. Cattle are clean animals, used in many of the sacrifices of the old covenant. And David played the harp (and many instruments were prescribed by God for use in temple worship).

Of course, I should have known this before starting this exercise. Technology is not good or evil, it is the heart that counts. We can use technology to serve God, or we can use it to please ourselves - and distract us from God's hold on us.

I think that second part is the big point. Men seek distraction from the reminder of God's judgment on sin. The development and use of technology can play a very big role in that.

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