Monday, April 12, 2010

Clothed in Christ

Something Ed Young said on TBN really registered with me - Ed Young is one of the best preachers TBN has, and he is not really good at all (even in the sense that a man can be good, not just in the sense that only God is good). Anyway:

When you look at the story of Jacob, you see that he came from a history of lying. When he presented himself to Isaac (Gen 27), he wore a hairy costume to pretend to be Esau - he had "put on Esau". He told his father his name was Esau.

Later, when Jacob wrestled with God (Gen 32:24), God asked him his name. He had to put off Esau. And God gave him a new name (Israel).

In the same way, we put off the old self, and put on Christ, and God gives us a new name (Rev 2:17).

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