Thursday, March 4, 2010

ESC Research

A disappointing article from Science Daily:
"Despite the promise of iPS [reprogrammed adult stem] cells, scientists are still struggling to understand whether their developmental potential is equivalent to that of embryonic stem cells. Some studies have suggested that iPS cells have more fragile genomes or are more prone to DNA abnormalities than embryonic stem cells. This fragility could make them unsafe to use therapeutically. The bottom line, says Daley, is that research on both types of stem cells must continue, because it's too early to predict where the safest and most effective cell-based therapies will come from."
This one just takes the cake. Adult stem cells are being used now, in adult therapies. ESC is being considered in one case. ESC repeatedly has problems with rejection and tumor formation.
"we as a scientific community are relieved to have a more rational scientific policy, which allows us to focus almost exclusively on the science" (says Daley)
Must be nice to just ignore ethics.

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