Thursday, December 10, 2009

AGW and Soteriology


"Salvation talk" is a big red flag. There is one Savior, and one thing we must be saved from (judgment for our crimes against God). Anything that supposes a greater need for salvation, a greater threat, is anti-Christ (a replacement for Christ).

I can't help but laugh at the latest global warming propaganda from Science News:
"what has previously been reported on forests' worth of newsprint in recent years"
Doesn't chopping down a forest increase global warming? Aren't these newspapers hypocrites? They should shut down their presses if they are really serious.
"Sure, we will feel some pain in coming years, it says, but that's to save the planet from long and dire agony in the next few centuries." [emphasis added]
There's that salvation thing. Also, this statement needs some translation:
"we" means "you", particularly "you poor people". The rich and powerful are not going to feel the brunt of any global warming legislation. The poor people who can no longer afford food and shelter, they will feel it.

"some pain" means death for those who cannot get adequate food and warm shelter. Also shattered dreams for those whose hard work is taxed and regulated away.

"save the planet" means avoiding a catastrophe which we were never certain would even come about. This is win-win for the prognosticators. If it doesn't happen, "See, we saved ourselves just in time". If it does, "You should of listened to us sooner" or "You should have done more".

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