Thursday, October 1, 2009


An insightful post by Doug Wilson.
"There are two kinds of contempt that the world has -- one is for the spiritual man they respect, and the other is for the spiritual man they don't respect."
Compare and contrast John Macarthur and Joel Osteen.

Both are considered irrelevant by the world, both are held in contempt.

Macarthur, because he preaches the truth, and men hate the truth and would rather believe lies. His preaching is ultimately relevant. You can play his sermons from forty years ago, and one from yesterday. You can't tell the difference - because truth is always relevant.

Osteen is hated in a much more subtle way. It is like when you pat a dog on the head and say, "Good doggie, you're so smart." His sermons are also much the same - all forgettable.

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