Friday, August 28, 2009

The Necessity of Controversy

I don't really link often enough to posts at Pyromaniacs. This is because you should have an RSS feed from them, and read everything in it before you read anything here...

Going through the archives, I found this gem.

It really powerfully says everything that needs to be said (like everything at Team Pyro).
"I never saw anything like you clergymen," said Eleanor; "You are always thinking of fighting each other."
"A pagan, too, with his multiplicity of gods, would think it equally odd that the Christian and the Mohammedan should disagree."
Two issues here:
  1. If we believe what we believe is true, let us fight with vigor for the truth.
  2. Those who complain about "theological squabbles" have no responsibility. They are bystanders with no stake. It matters not to them that our responsibilities are left undone.

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