Saturday, May 30, 2009

Common Ground on Abortion

Interesting discussion on Obama's comment that we should find "common ground".

The first guy is just wrong. His whole argument supporting voting for Obama is built in a vacuum. It amounts to "Obama is going to do good stuff, so we should vote for him."

After time mark 19:05 - "The denial of communion is intimidation". This is worth a post in itself.

He makes a reference to the Sermon on the mount. This is a good point for theology. The sermon on the mount is not instruction for how we should live. It is a demonstration of the crushing weight of the Law, of salvation by works. It is not a guideline of how we should live, but rather a demand of how we must live if we are to have salvation by works.

Voting against Obama is making the "perfect the enemy of the good". That is just hilarious.

The second guy speaks much more boldly and clearly. I like him.

In the Q&A, the first guy is asked to justify his statement about intimidation. He then goes on about how opposition to Roe has failed, so we can vote for Obama with a clear conscience.

Near 1:10:00, the first guy says we are making ESCR seem ok, because it's not "in the womb". So, location determines rights? (which the second guy addresses well)

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