Wednesday, November 7, 2007

More on Life and Personhood

We're hammering a handful of topics here:

Albert Mohler has some telling existence proofs against the notion of removing "personhood" from people.

The first story is recounted in a newspaper article. Imagine facing someone you declared not a person...

This topic was actually covered in Star Trek V (I know, an odd numbered one, but probably the best odd numbered one... not that that is saying much). Bones pulled the plug on his father, when the cure was discovered the next week. He never got over the guilt, and an evil Vulcan terrorist used that guilt to take over the Enterprise to go visit the god at the center of the galaxy! Stop the madness!


braverdave said...

Hey Ned

Off the topic of this post but I thought that commenting on an empty thread woud be the best way to get your attention and a message to you.

I don't know if you are still following the ongoing discussion between GCT and myself on another thread but I wanted to be sure that you don't mind us carrying on and cluttering up your blog. I can't imagine the discussion going on too much longer as we are going in circles but neither of us is willing to let the other have the last word yet. So for now it goes on and on. And on.

Are we okay?

nedbrek said...

Hello braverdave!

I see all and know all in the comments section (I get an email summary :)

I haven't been able to follow it all (are you guys writing a book? :)

But feel free to go for it. GCT is one tough cookie...

braverdave said...


It's good to know someone is omniscient in some small way!

Thanks ...